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Other Works

Transparency. Added dimension number one.

Using glass as the base material for his work Alex has a simple aim, allow the transparent properties of glass to add an extra dimension. For the majority of his glass work, each subject is etched from the chosen artistic medium. Most often Paint.

The result is a detailed representation of the subject, with transparent properties within the negative space. In basic form a see through element to his work.

All of his glass work is created around this premise. More specifically, the reflecting and absorption properties of light that glass provides.

The visual effect of each piece alters depending on a variety of factors, from the direction and intensity of light, the angle in which you stand to view each piece and even the time of day. The resulting shadow casts are one of the most intriguing features of his work, not only do the shadows form differently depending on the environment, but the negative transparent space allows the ambient background of the wall to become apart of the piece its self.

To enhance the three dimensional properties of glass even further, Alex often increases the amount of glass pains within a piece, creating extra layers of detail, as well as experimenting with the physical depth of the frame.

Much of his glass original works have multiple glass layers and substantially deeper frames, while portrait works usually have a shallow frame, maximising the amount of light that can pass through to the ambient background.

Original works regulate the amount light, a result of the extra glass layers. This allows Alex to add extra detail at varied points physically within the frames depth creating far more complex pieces.

To learn more about glass and the process involved in creating each piece, follow Alex on social media to view time lapse videos, images and general insights into his thought and design processes, not just for glass but all of his work.